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Fingerprint Punch Card Machine come with Time Attendance System

RM 950.00

The Benefit of Using the Fingerprint Time Attendance System:

1.    Prepare attendance reports automatically
2.    Save time & easy to use
3.    No more headache during time calculation
4.    Eliminate buddy-punching
5.    Lower maintenance than punch card
6.    Hourly pay calculator

* Remark: Only support Miscrosoft Windows.
Data downloaded to PC through USB pendrive or LAN cable.


The package is included:

1. 1 x Ontimeviewer PC software installer.
2. 1 x Fingerprint machine device
3. 1 x USB Pendrive
4. 1 x Operation manual .
5. Very easy to install it yourself. Technical Support will be provided through phone ,whatsapp or online remote desktop.
6. 1 year hardware warranty